About Us

Symphonise Consulting (Pty) Ltd was founded in December of 2018. Symphonise Consulting is legally constituted as a private Limited Company, registered in South Africa.

The company was founded by Etienne Shardlow and born out of his passion for using information and technology to generate business value.

Our Story

Our founder, Etienne Shardlow, with his IT background in technical support of IT systems and the IBM AS/400 spent a number of years at IBM and later MTN South Africa in a range of service management roles.

In 2011, Etienne became a trainer and consultant for getITright Skills Development, this was a career changing move. In 2018, Etienne formed Symphonise Consulting to continue his work as a trainer and consultant.

Prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Symphonise Consulting hired out Etienne, an APMG International and PeopleCert accredited trainer, to a number of South Africa’s leading accredited training organisations. The pandemic and the resultant lockdown put an immediate end to classroom-based training, and there was an instant drop in demand for consulting work (at a time where consultants were probably most needed). To deal with the changes, we registered as a training provider ourselves, allowing us to offer internationally recognised certificate courses directly, and a new business model was born.